Sexual Abuse, Assault and Harassment

Steven VanGrack has represented victims of pastoral, medical doctor, teacher, coach, and common carrier driver sexual abuse. Each year thousands of women, men and children are sexually abused by sexual predators. While no amount of money can ever compensate a victim for a horrific crime like sexual abuse, Steven VanGrack believes the perpetrators and those at fault should pay for their actions. If you or your child has been the victim of molestation, Steven VanGrack is here to help you every step of the way. He can help you in filing a civil lawsuit against the molester and the institution that failed to protect your child from being abused. He can also can refer you to psychiatrists and psychologists who are experienced in both identifying and counseling victims of molestation.

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse by any predator then Steven VanGrack has been successful in negotiating large settlements. 

If you have a claim that is banned by the Statue of Limitations, Steven VanGrack has had success in convincing the court that dissociative amnesia is generally accepted and can be presented to preclude a case from being dismissed.


Church employee and parishioner was sexually abused by her minister who was also her employer. Minister had exhibited previous behavior and emotional problems. The minister was punished and the sexual harassment policies of the religious institution were revised.

Physician inappropriately touched several women during examinations for treatment of low back, hip or leg pain. Touching of buttocks and genitals was inappropriate and offensive.

Preacher sought to help parishioner who was having some family issues. Eventually preacher was in complete control of parishioner’s life including significant and frequent sexual relations.

Young lady ordered common carrier for ride home. Was sexually assaulted and driver was criminally charged.

Very young girl was sexually abused by her grandfather. Criminal charges were commenced.  Civil resolution was made with payments over long period of time.

3 sisters filed lawsuit against their mother’s boyfriend for sexually abusing them in the 1970’s. Defendant sought to have case dismissed based on Statute of Limitations. Court was asked to allow jury to hear evidence about dissociative amnesia to explain delay on filing. Court ruled Dissociative Amnesia has been sufficiently tested by the psychiatric and psychological community using research methods generally applied in those fields and that is generally accepted.

Middle aged man was sexually abused by a minister as a young boy.  Church agreed to formal apology and make payment for counseling and for injuries.