Slip and Falls

Have you, a loved one, or someone you know, been seriously injured by the negligence of another? Are you currently struggling with medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, stress, and permanent injury? Steven VanGrack specializes in personal injury law. For over 30 years, Steven VanGrack has been dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients who have been injured as a result of the wrongful actions of another.

Steven VanGrack skills are evident from the initial evaluation of your case, to working with insurance companies to ensure your bills are paid, to negotiating settlements. The majority of personal injury cases are resolved without litigation. In those instances that a settlement agreement cannot be reached, Steven VanGrack will attempt to settle the case through alternative dispute resolution. He is certified in the areas of mediation and arbitration. However, should the case go to court, Steven VanGrack’s trial skills are superior and have served his clients well.

While a settlement award can never fully compensate someone for their injuries, we will do everything we can to get our clients the recovery they deserve.

Steven VanGrack has represented many individuals injured by slip and falls.  Some of these cases can be devastating.


Senior citizen was walking in a large well known grocery store where a display of salads with dressing was just taken down. The area had clear salad dressing on the floor. The area was so slippery the EMT’s were unable to reach the lady on the ground. Severe injuries to neck and back. Settlement was for $ 110,000.

Church had entrance way where long time hole in sidewalk went unrepaired. Parishioner fell while walking to services. Size an duration of hoe was significant. Settled for $ 65,000.

Man had just carried coffin into church for funeral services. Had been slightly snowing the night before. No effort to clean the stairs leading up to sanctuary. Minister accepted responsibility at the scene. Settled for $ 175,000.

Woman walked onto busy commercial street where tar had just been poured to repair pot holes. However, there were no signs to warn of tar and no one present to keep people away. Injuries to skin where it came in Contact with hot tar. Injuries to neck and back and legs. Settled for $ 385,000.